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Hello Community Members,

You've Got the Power!

As leaders in our educational institutions, wield your influence to curb the surge of hatred – join the "Never Again is Now" pledge and emerge as pillars of transformation!

The highlighted the systemic failures of our educational institutions in effectively addressing antisemitic rhetoric. Regrettably, this issue is not a new phenomenon.

The failure of institutional leadership is part of a long-standing pattern, an unwritten playbook used by administrators to cover up various forms of misconduct. This approach was starkly revealed in recent years, particularly in cases of sexual assault. Similarly, antisemitism is another form of misconduct often swept under the rug, exploiting the vulnerabilities of stakeholders under the guise of ‘free speech,’ while clearly violating educational codes and state and federal laws. Such actions represent a grave abuse of power, insidiously eroding our moral values and undermining the integrity of our educational system.

The current crisis in our educational institutions presents a crucial opportunity for transformative change. Considering your unwavering commitment to educational integrity and accountability, there appears to be a strong alignment with the values and goals of The Never Again PLEDGE (NAP) project. At its core, the NAP project aims to transform the culture of educational institutions, focusing on robust accountability and the cultivation of socially responsible citizens and communities.

The NAP offers a distinctive and innovative platform, providing a holistic solution that integrates state-of-the-art technologies and a wide range of award winning training, tools, techniques, and templates, all aimed at achieving NAP certification for educational institutions. This NAP certification represents a significant commitment to the highest standards of accountability and ongoing improvement. It guarantees that policies are not merely implemented but are also effectively enforced, fostering a learning and teaching environment that is secure and conducive for all stakeholders.

The NAP’s solution, equipped with our proprietary SLR (Severity, Liability, and Reliability) module, is specifically designed to reduce risk and liability for institutions while enhancing safety for stakeholders. This system skillfully addresses incidents at an early stage by identifying and managing them based on their severity. The SLR Score is pivotal in guiding the resolution process of each case, ensuring timely and appropriate disciplinary actions are taken.

Additionally, the system boasts robust features for tracking and monitoring accountability measures, including detailed administrator reports, matrices, and a range of analytics. Complementing this technology suite is an award-winning training framework, developed in collaboration with the USC EDGE Center, the Nikou Foundation, and IDEO, as part of a global initiative.

We are confident that your support and resources will be instrumental in realizing the mission of The Never Again Pledge. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to further discuss and explore potential collaborations that could have a substantial impact on the educational sector.

By working together, we can strive towards a future where every educational institution embodies the principles of the NEVER AGAIN PLEDGE. Please let me know a time that suits you for a call or meeting, so we can explore how we can collaborate effectively to achieve this important mission.

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