Stand Up Against Hate Speech and Hate Crimes!

Pledge to Never Again Is Now!

Authentic Accountability to Betterment of Society   

Endorse the Pledge means that you support the initiative

Accept and Sign the Pledge Here Against Hate Speech and Hate Crimes

Send us pictures and videos of individuals that engage in hate speech and hate crimes

Invite leaders to sign the Never Again Pledge

Compassionate Accountability to Positive Change  

Authentic Accountability towards Collective Good

Hate Crimes can be reported here and then to the authorities. Hate Speech shall be contained through Restorative Justice with Authentic Accountability towards collective good.

Educational projects enabling restorative justice measures to transform hate speech, harassment, hostility, and other hurtful behaviors to healthy and constructive behavior towards better oneself, better relationships, and collective good!

How it Works

The Never Again Pledge offers a powerful opportunity for those who may have unintentionally caused harm through hurtful actions. By participating in educational initiatives, they can gain valuable insights into the effects of their behavior on both themselves and those around them. Through the Pledge, they commit to a future marked by positive change, fostering understanding, and spreading compassion.

  • Report Hate Speech

    Report a hurtful behavior that occured in schools or higher educational institutions

  • Send the Never Again Pledge

    Send an invitation to the individual within the organization to Never Again Pledge

  • Authentic Accountability

    Administer a Restorative Justice Project, an educational project to understand the impact of their behavior towards collective good

Positive Change Occurs When
Individuals Are Held Accountable Constructively

Document and be specific about the offensive expressions and actions

Inform them of the impact of their behaviors and give them opportunity to corrective measures

Resolve with a Never Again Pledge with accountability

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