Impactful Accountability Against Harassment, Hostility, and Hate Speech

Pledge to Never Again Is Now!

Join the Never Again Pledge movement. Endorsing this pledge is a promise from individuals and institutions alike to proactively confront harassment, hostility, hate speech, and hate crimes. Demonstrate your commitment to holding offenders accountable with meaningful consequences and restorative actions. Stand with us to safeguard all members of our communities. Embrace the pledge, become the change you wish to see in the world, and contribute to building a socially responsible society for the collective good.

You may endorse the Never Again Pledge on behalf of your institution or as an individual.

Report individuals within organizations that engage in harassment, hate speech, bullying, or offensive behaviors

Invite leaders, administrators, individuals, and members in organizations to sign the Never Again Pledge

Do you know the the difference between 

Hate Speech or Hate Crimes?

What can you do to stop offensive behavior?    

Impactful Accountability!

Positive change happens when individuals understand the impact of their actions, accept responsibility, and learn to respond compassionately.

Document the offensive expressions and actions and explain their impact on your wellbeing.

Inform the offender on the impact of their behaviors and give them opportunity to corrective measures

Resolve with a Never Again Pledge with accountability

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